A small player for big things.

Any screen can be an info screen. Simply convert existing screens or equip professional screens with LobbySpace. Digital signage is that simple today.

LobbySpace Media-Player 4K Ultra HD

Get the most out of your info screens. Razor-sharp to get the most out of your info screens.

Start simple.

In three simple steps, any screen becomes your info screen. Whether existing screens or a new professional digital signage screen does not matter.


Connect media player

Connect your LobbySpace player to your screen


Establish Internet connection

Connect your LobbySpace player to your network


Link screen

Link your media player to your LobbySpace account using the displayed code

Keep your screens running with ScreenCare.

You get an overview of the status of your LobbySpace media players around the clock.

24/7 Player Monitoring

Your LobbySpace player is technically monitored around the clock

Offline-Playback Mode

In case of network interruptions, our offline mode takes effect immediately

Updates included

Don't worry about software or security updates, because we take care of that