5 tips for perfect digital employee communication with digital signage

Who enjoys reading emails and paying attention? Fortunately, in 2022 there will be new ways of employee communication in the company. The key word is digital signage. This means you can distribute content much more easily and effectively.

But what is digital signage and how can you use it sensibly for employee communication in your company? We clarify these questions in our article using 4 tips for new digital signage-based employee communication.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage refers to the digitization of classic advertising materials such as posters and billboards on digital monitors and displays. Information can now be displayed there on a daily basis, from images and writing to image videos and advertising messages.

In many cases these are special displays that can withstand 24/7 operation over longer periods of time. With the right software, any other display can also become a digital signage display.

#1 Inform your employees with digital signage

Whether it’s about an upcoming company party or maintenance on a production line, digital signage can be used to quickly and easily display information to employees. Depending on where the ads are located, this type of communication is significantly faster and more effective. After all, the topic is quickly discussed on a digital signage screen in the break room.

#2 Save costs with digital signage

Assume the digital signage displays are in the break room. In most cases, this step alone will save you quite a bit of money if employees don’t read these email messages during work hours.

There is further potential for savings if you have previously relied on paper. Over time, such advertisements are significantly more environmentally friendly and cheaper than printing and, above all, distributing these posters.

#3 Increase your productivity with digital signage

In many cases, competition among employees increases productivity. Depending on your business, you can use digital signage displays to show the progress of work processes and thus enable open comparison between employees.

#4 Increase communication between departments with digital signage

Many companies think in departments. While this structure may make sense for a certain size, unfortunately communication between departments is all too often neglected. With the help of digital signage, it is possible to exchange ideas within the company about the work and topics of the different departments. This information can help to significantly increase the interaction between the company.

#5 Motivate your employees

Introduce your newest employees or show as a company what benefits you offer. This measurably increases employee satisfaction and ensures a pleasant working atmosphere.

UnderUse cases / internal communicationYou will find customer examples of how LobbySpace was successfully used for employee communication.

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