Digital patient communication with digital signage

The way to optimize your digital hospital communication.

Digitalization is progressing. This also applies in the healthcare industry. Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, it has become indispensable.

In this article, we at LobbySpace will show you how you can optimize communication in your hospital with the help of our digital signage solution and how this will improve your patients’ experience while reducing costs.

What is digital signage actually? If you have never heard of the term, the post may cause some confusion at first without an explanation. Digital signage is digital media content that is played on displays. These can be, for example, electronic posters that distribute information or digital door signs and other smart information systems. The possible uses of digital signage are almost limitless.

All of these displays need to be filled with content. The easiest way to do this is LobbySpace. As a leading digital signage platform, we offer a user-friendly software solution with which you can digitize your patient communication according to your ideas in just a few steps.

Our solutions are already in use at numerous healthcare organizations, whether hospital chains, rehabilitation clinics or doctor’s practices. Optimizing patient communication can, for example, make your waiting room more efficient and give your patients more information about when they will be treated, for example.

Digital patient communication in live

Digital displays as part of digital signage not only save paper, ink and regular printing – they enable smarter processes. Whether it’s about your patients’ current waiting times, new offers or general information such as accessibility and opening times – LobbySpace is the right solution.

Our software is intuitive and easy to use, even without any programming knowledge. This means that LobbySpace can also be integrated into existing systems.

Your corporate design – flawless on every corner

LobbySpace can be easily adapted to your corporate design. This creates a professional and uniform look throughout the entire company. Become a designer yourself, no design knowledge or additional software is required. Everything you need is in our digital signage solution. This way you can always present your company perfectly.

A better experience at a lower cost

Anyone who has ever been looking for certain information but simply couldn’t find it will know this unpleasant feeling of searching. With a competently set up digital signage solution, this feeling is a thing of the past.

Customer satisfaction plays a major role, especially when it comes to purchasing decisions. The same applies when choosing a clinic. If a clinic regularly disappoints, word gets around and patients who have expensive operations think twice about whether they would rather be treated in another clinic. These are indirect costs.

But this effect is not the only thing that reduces costs. The lack of pressure and dissemination within the facility also results in significant cost savings. While images previously had to be produced at great expense or expensive stock images were purchased, LobbySpace contains its own content library. The software’s tools make it possible to take your communication into your own hands.

In terms of price, the licensing does not depend on the number of users; rather, the focus is on the number of connected displays.

Increased sales with digital patient communication

In many places in the healthcare industry there are additional paid offers. With the help of smart ads, you can bring these offers to the customers who are most likely to take advantage of them.

How about advertising the option for a single room in a fully occupied shared room? What sales could you achieve if you specifically advertise the surcharge for senior physician treatment to customers with previous misdiagnoses? There are no limits to creativity here.

In a rehabilitation clinic it could be additional massage offers, perhaps a dinner evening or a particularly healthy breakfast? With digital patient communication you can promote offers and at the same time increase patient satisfaction through information, which leads to more sales from returning patients or new patients due to the good reputation.

Digital Signage: Intuitive and easy to use

Time is short, which makes it all the more important to know that digital patient communication from LobbySpace is easy and intuitive to use. Content can be created and edited using drag-and-drop, just as you would on a computer. Together with the simple administration of users, LobbySpace can be used without any special knowledge and is simple and uncomplicated.

Communication that grows with you, flexible and scalable

No matter how the spatial conditions are designed. LobbySpace is the flexible and scalable solution that can be adapted to a wide range of needs. As your business grows, our digital signage grows with you. Whether it’s one hospital or dozens, once set up, LobbySpace can be scaled without any additional effort. It is completely adapted to your needs.

Digital patient communication does not end at one location

Both our software and the content of the digital signage are not limited to one location. Easily scale your digital signage across multiple locations with LobbySpace without having to set it up again.

Create content that increases revenue and patient satisfaction across locations. So even if you have several locations: No problem with LobbySpace

Try LobbySpace for free and see for yourself. The leading solution for digital signage in the healthcare sector. Send us a free inquiry now and let us find out how you can optimize your digital patient communication in rehabs, hospitals and other facilities.

Higher sales, happier patients, lower costs, all thanks to better digital patient communication, all thanks to LobbySpace.

Check out ourcredentials in the healthcare sector or arrange oneNon-binding live demowith our team. We would be happy to show you live how you can optimize your patient communication.