Digital menu board: The revolution in gastronomy

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Digital menu board: The revolution in gastronomy

Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant and instead of the traditional paper menu you’re used to, you’re greeted by a vibrant, dynamic digital menu board. With clear images and descriptions that whet your appetite, and up-to-date information about availability and special offers, this menu board offers a completely new experience. Welcome to the world of digital menu boards – a world where technology and hospitality merge in innovative ways to improve the customer experience.

What is a digital menu board?

A digital menu board is an electronic display used in restaurants, cafes, fast food chains and other food service establishments to display the menu and other relevant information. It is basically a digital version of the traditional menu or menu board displayed on a screen.

Digital menu boards are part of a larger concept called digital signage. Digital signage refers to the use of digital displays in public and private spaces to convey information, advertising and other messages. In the hospitality industry, digital menu boards are used as a specific application of digital signage to present food and beverages, prices, special offers and other information in an appealing and effective manner.

The advantages of digital menu boards

Digital menu boards offer a variety of benefits that make them an attractive option for catering businesses of all types. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Flexibility : Digital menu boards allow you to quickly and easily update your menu to respond to changes in your offerings or market trends.
  • Visual appeal : With appealing images and animations, digital menu boards can create a wow effect that attracts guests’ attention.
  • Cross-selling opportunities : You can display matching food and drink items together or alert customers to special offers to increase sales.
  • Freshness : Digital menu boards allow you to highlight new dishes, promote special offers, or show seasonal content to stay relevant and current.

Digital signage solutions for menu boards

Choosing the right screens and digital signage solution for your digital menu board is crucial to its success. There are a variety of solutions on the market that offer different functions and options. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing a digital signage solution for your menu board:

Type of content

Depending on your menu and brand, you may want to display different types of content. Some digital signage solutions only support text and images, while others can also support videos, animations and interactive elements.

Integration with other systems

If you already use a POS system or other business system, you may want to choose a digital signage solution that easily integrates with it. This can make updating your menus and managing your content much easier.

user friendliness

The operation and management of your digital menu boards should be simple and uncomplicated. Look for an intuitive interface and helpful features like templates and automated updates.

Reliability and support

Your digital menu boards are an important part of your business, and you need to rely on them to function reliably. Look for solutions from providers with a good reputation that offer good customer support and regular updates.

The implementation of digital menu boards in the catering industry

Digital menu boards are widely used in the hospitality industry and can be used in a variety of establishments, from fast food restaurants and cafes to fine dining restaurants and bars. Here are some examples of how digital menu boards can be implemented in the catering industry:


In restaurants, digital menu boards can be used to display the daily menu, special offers or seasonal dishes. They can also be used to show images of dishes that whet the appetite and encourage guests to purchase.

Food stalls

For concession stands and takeaways, digital menu boards can help reduce wait times by clearly displaying what is on offer. They can also be used to highlight special offers or new products.


In cafés, digital menu boards can be used to present the range of specialty coffees, baked goods and other products. They can also help improve the cafe atmosphere by displaying images and information in an engaging and visually appealing format.

System catering

In system catering, such as fast food restaurants, digital menu boards play a crucial role. They allow these establishments to respond quickly to changes in offerings, which is particularly important if they offer a variety of food and drink options that can change throughout the day. Additionally, digital menu boards can help make the ordering process more efficient by clearly displaying what is on offer.

Implementing digital menu boards can be challenging, especially if you have no experience with digital signage. As a full-service provider of digital signage solutions, we are here to support you. We not only offer the necessary hardware and software, but also services such as installation, configuration, content design and ongoing support. With our help, you can ensure that your digital menu boards function effectively and smoothly.

How digital menu boards improve customer satisfaction

Digital menu boards can significantly improve the customer experience in your restaurant and thus contribute to the life of your restaurant. They offer guests a clear and attractive representation of your food and drinks, making selection easier and increasing satisfaction. Additionally, they can help your guests feel informed and valued by displaying nutritional information, special offers, and wait times. The ability to update content quickly and easily also means you can ensure your menus are always current and relevant. No more menus that have been revised 10 times where the price from 2017 is still visible.

Discover the world of digital signage

With proper planning and implementation, digital menu boards can become a powerful tool for retaining customers and increasing sales in the restaurant industry. Digital signage offers a variety of options to reach your guests in innovative and engaging ways.

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To experience the benefits of digital signage for your restaurant or café for yourself, book a live demo and discover the possibilities this technology offers. Experience how digital menu boards can bring your menu to life and improve the customer experience.


Digital menu boards bring traditional menu presentation into the 21st century. They offer countless opportunities to improve customer approach and interaction in all types of catering establishments. With the right selection of displays and the right digital signage solution, catering establishments can exploit the full potential of their digital menu boards. In addition, effective digital menu design can increase customer interest and increase sales. Overall, digital menu boards offer significant added value for the catering industry and are an indispensable element in today’s digital landscape.

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frequently asked Questions

What are the advantages of digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards offer a variety of benefits, including flexibility, timeliness of information, and visual appeal. They can help improve the customer experience by providing shorter wait times and better information.

What technical requirements are there for digital menu boards?

The technical requirements for digital menu boards can vary depending on the system you choose. However, you will typically need at least one screen that is suitable for digital signage. As well as software that allows you to create and manage content.

How can I implement digital menu boards in my restaurant or café?

Implementing digital menu boards in your restaurant or café can be done with the help of a full-service provider that not only supplies the required hardware and software, but also offers services such as installation, configuration, content design and ongoing support.

How can I increase my sales with digital menu boards?

Digital menu boards can help increase your sales by drawing customers’ attention to specific products or offers, leveraging cross-selling opportunities, and improving the customer experience. By displaying engaging images and animations, they can whet customers’ appetites and encourage them to order more.